Amsterdam Antics 

Another concert another new place. And I have to admit I didn’t realise there were actually red lights in the Red Light District. Stupid, I know. 

Decided Amsterdam would be awesome to visit. Always wanted to go and apart from a connecting flight through Amsterdam that’s as close as I got. That doesn’t count though, does it? 

So we bought tickets to see The Cadillac Three at the Melkweg Sugarfactory on 20th November 2016.  Got a grandparent to babysit for a couple days and just waited. Got to love a 45 minute flight. I’m used to the long haul of 9-10 hours. I feel like I’ve barely sat down and it’s time to land! I always find it amazing how once you get high enough it’s beautiful up there. The rain clouds sit so low but when you are on the ground they seem to stretch on forever. Upon descending we hit the turbulence that is those big grey rain clouds. And suddenly you are back into the miserable weather. . . It’s going to be a wet first day. Silently I’m wishing for some of that sunshine we saw above the clouds. 

One good thing is by now my anxiety is a little better than it was. The rush of people aren’t irritating me so much. I think maybe it confuses people. How can I love concerts but hate being around people. I hate shopping- people milling all around me, pushing past. I like being in the front of a concert, I rarely look back. It’s better that way. Also I have a freaky obsession with people’s hair touching me particularly on my arms or hands. It makes me cringe. If I have to stand behind somebody I usually choose someone with short hair. Some girls seem to have this crazy ass thing where they think it’s a great idea to shake their hair out half way through the concert. I cannot stand it when it touches me. There have been times when I wanted to have scissors with me to cut the damn stuff off. There is such a thing as personal space! Believe me when I tell you I have at least one funny story to tell you about it. At another concert. That’s another story. Back to Amsterdam. 

We wandered around the airport and got a 3 day travel pass and not a clue how to use it, but didn’t take long to see what everyone else was doing and copy them! Managed to board the train and again I was shocked. It took 15 minutes into the city centre. I had no idea the airport was so close! I’ll be first to admit I didn’t know a word of Dutch. Not one word and I’m usually pretty good about this stuff. (When we went to Sweden I had a grasp of the basics;  though everyone spoke wonderful English, I tried to use what Swedish I knew.) Everything was really confusing and the trams didn’t make sense and I had no idea where the closest stop to our hotel was. So I got the map out on my phone and started walking. Did I mention it was raining cats and dogs? A few wrong turns but we made it to the hotel. We looked like drowned rats. I kid you not. The hotel was further out then I had expected. There was a tram stop 5 minutes away which was handy. Maybe I should have done my prep better. It was like 10 am. Couldn’t check in till about 2 so we sat in the bar and dried out with our good friend Jack Daniels. Even my boots had failed to keep my feet dry. Great. That was the only pair of shoes I brought too. I hate soggy toes.

Check in a bit before 2, shower, and a quick nap because we had been up since about 2 am and we still had quite some time to be up. There were a few members of TC3 Drinking Club already here and one had recommended this burger place. Bar B Burgers and Beer. By the time we found it we hadn’t eaten in over 12 hours and only had JD in our tummies. I was starving so decided I was having the midsize burger 250g with fries. It was flipping huge but it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted and my stomach was still rumbling as I was finishing the last bite. Seriously. That has NEVER happened to me before. About 20 minutes later I was feeling rather full and tired, but it was soon time to head to the venue. 

Got there and met up with a few drinking club members and had some photos together. We weren’t the only ones that had flown over so it was nice again to see familiar faces. You know who you are! 

Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown were supporting and they were really good. Tyler isn’t very old and looks a bit like a 70’s throwback but totally rocks the look. I had missed them previously as we were at the meet and greet at the last concert in Cambridge. The drummer Caleb was awesome. He came right out and does this cool drum solo. It was loud but very cool. 

The Cadillac Three played and at one point there was a problem with the sound system  but it was all good because the crowd helped out. Someone behind us in the audience shouted out for ‘Ship faced’ and Jaren actually sang it. I don’t think anyone had heard it live by this point. It was phenomenal to hear and one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s just so much fun!  Jaren traded hats with one of the Drinking Club members which was super cool and upon further inspection Jaren had wrote his wife’s name in the hat. Double cool. I wasn’t at all jealous…. 😂 Ok, I lied. Yes I was. I just can’t help it. 

At the end of the show they always play ‘The South’. It’s just one of those epic songs. Hearing the crowd chant ‘This is Where I was born, this is where I’ll die’ never gets old. Seriously. I can’t say it enough- 8 times and these guys still rock. I never get bored. We had a chat with a few members after the show and then headed back to the hotel. Everyone was going for drinks after but I just couldn’t hack it. I don’t cope well with very little sleep.  I was exhausted and wanted to enjoy the next day for sight seeing. 

We got the hang of those trams the next day. They are super handy once you’ve grasped the idea. We would have looked considerably less like drowned rats had we figured them out yesterday. We took a canal ride and got a great history lesson and checked out the smallest front facing house and had to check out the Red light district. I mean, it has to be done right? Ok I admit, I didn’t know why it was called the Red Light District. But it never dawned on me that there was actually Red lights! Huh. It makes sense now. I always thought it was a weird name. 

It’s kind of strange. You don’t know whether to look in the windows- or not look. I mean what’s the etiquette? Not looking seems rude; but staring too long isn’t that just creepy?  Ah well, I can officially say I’ve seen it. I really wanted to hit the Anne Frank house but I hadn’t booked. I wish I had. Hubby wanted to do the Heineken Experience so we decided we would have to come back. After all it’s practically a day trip away. 

Maybe we will have to make it coincide with another concert. Any concert. I’m not fussed- I like all kinds of music. Seeing music live is just a totally different experience. It keeps me somewhat sane. 


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